The Power of Branding for Beginners by Kenz & Fadwa Soliman

The Power of Branding for Beginners

Brands make you recognizable, they make it far easier to monetize and they give your business a cohesive vision that will drive you forward and that will win you fans. This is the power of branding and this is what we’re going to learn how to do for your own business.


Branding Guide for Beginners is a course made especially for start-ups entrepreneurs to help them figure out how to present them themselves & their business in the right way with the least expenses.

In this course we'll learn:

1- Brand & Why Does it Matter?
2- Your Mission Statement & how to create it?
3- Your look & how to create it?
4- Promoting your business & how to be EVERYWHERE?
5- Reputation management & when to "RE-BRAND"?
6- Multiple brands & why you should have them?
So, If you're a beginner & want to start and you don't know how, this is the place for you.

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What's included?

Video Icon 21 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 2 text files


Course Over View
2 mins
Branding for Beginners 1st Section
What is a Brand
5 mins
Choosing Your Mission Statement & Name
13 mins
Creating Your Look – Logos and Much More
1 min
Create Your Look
Branding Guide | Using namecheckr
3 mins
Branding Guide | Your personal value
3 mins
Branding Guide | Pinterest mood board
5 mins
Branding Guide | Choosing your color scheme
7 mins
Branding Guide | Choosing your typography
6 mins
Branding Guide | Create patterns
4 mins
Branding Guide | Create your logo
9 mins
Branding Guide | Create video intro & outro
4 mins
Branding Guide | Create video intro & outro
5 mins
Branding Guide | Bonus Video
7 mins
Branding for Beginners 2nd Section
Promoting Your Brand – How to ‘Be Everywhere’
5 mins
Delivering On Your Promise
5 mins
Reputation Management Basics
10 mins
How to Create and Use Multiple Brands
3 mins
Fantastic Examples of Branding
4 mins
Steve Jobs' Greatest Mistake
3 mins
3 mins
Bonus Area
Squeezmatic Software access
FREE enrollment in my course "Create Easy Animation Videos"
Branding Guide for Beginners Course Outline
214 KB
Branding Guide for Beginners Workbook
190 KB
Branding Guide for Beginners Resources
992 KB

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