Kenz Soliman

Entrepreneurial lifestyle blogger teaching over 30000 students from over 172 countries around the world.
I help you build and run a money-making, joy-bringing, life-changing online business by yourself
Why are 30000+ students enrolled in my courses?
1) I teach with passion and purpose! Every course is delivered with my students in mind.
2) My courses will help you achieve real results and change your life today.
3) My dedication to Udemy and teaching online. Udemy has named me one of its top instructors.
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Fadwa Soliman

I've been an entrepreneur since I graduated in 2010 & I've been teaching online since 2015, with a sole focus to be the anchor & compass to lost & overwhelmed fellow entrepreneurs.
All of us need in our lives need two things (an anchor & a compass) one to help us stay on track & one to keep us ground, I’m here to be BOTH for you… until you complete your journey by becoming your own anchor & compass to reach your full potential in your personal life & your businesses.
I am blessed to have over 18K students from 157 countries and I’m more grateful than ever.
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Are there any updates for your products?

We update  our products every few months to make sure they are still helping you get the best results possible and whenever we update a product, you get the update for free and you get an email from us to notify you 

Will this work for my online business?

Our digital products are created to fit any type of online business but if for any reason you are not sure, shoot us a message and let us help you! 

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product and all my other products, all sales are final and there are no refunds