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Digital Marketing Agency


My goal is to help as many online entrepreneurs as I possibly can to help them understand that their goals can be achieved without all the things they think they need!

What's included?

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Getting started: whitelable deals and where to find them
Start here
Methid #1: The marketplace of all tools
9 mins
Method #1: Live example
5 mins
Method #2: Secret deals
5 mins
Method #3: Secret deals from extra bonuses
8 mins
Your resources to get your first whitelable deal
How to use these deals as bonuses for Udemy courses and profit big
Part 1
9 mins
Part 2
6 mins

The place where online entrepreneurship is simple and fun again

Kenz & Fadwa Soliman here and we couldn't be happier that you found our Simplify Corner!

We created this space to offer you the top notch courses, tutorials, and digital products that will simplify your entrepreneurial life, help you stay focused, help you take action faster, and empower you to get the results you've always wanted with simplicity and ease!

If you've never heard of us before, we've been rocking the world on Udemy for over 2 years now and we have a total student base of over 30,000 entrepreneurs taking our courses from 165 countries worldwide! we run multiple online brands and we do all our magic from home! we are here to empower you and support you to get the results you want and build a successful online business by making things simple again for you!

No more more more feeling lost or overwhelmed...just pure simplicity, fun, and making feel-good money from your business!