Content 365 by Kenz Soliman

Content 365

Kiss your content and social media overwhelm goodbye! Content 365 is here!


Tired of the same question you ask yourself everyday? "What should I talk about on social media today? what to create content about this month that makes me relevant to my followers?
I got you covered!
I created content and social media station to give you 12 monthly done for you content plans and social media plans!

These plans are ready for you to read them and just start using them!
each monthly plan includes:

- What holidays are there in this month ( selfie day, be thankful month, those awesome holidays that we never remember and that are so popular on social media!)

- What topics can you create content about for this month to stay relevant

- What to post on social media (each month has 30 days of prompts! so everyday you'll know exactly what to post about on social media with your own personality! this is not a copy-paste thing! this is a prompt you use to generate social media posts!)

Content and social media station is the right fit for you if you're in any type of online business and looking for a simple, fun, and powerful way to generate content for your business and for your social media!

What's included?

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Monthly content and social media plans
1-January Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
168 KB
2-February Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
89.9 KB
3-March Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
93.1 KB
4-April Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
94.6 KB
5-May Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
96.6 KB
6-June Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
96.4 KB
7-July Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
94 KB
8-August Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
94.3 KB
9-September Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
93.9 KB
10-October Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
95.1 KB
11-November Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
96.6 KB
12-December Content And Marketing Plan.pdf
93.9 KB
Bonus: How to plan your income for the rest of this year
How To Plan Your Income.pdf
326 KB
Extra Bonus.pdf
216 KB


Is this a standard copy-paste posts type of thing?

Absolutely not! each monthly plan gives you prompts on what to write about or create content about. We do not give the same content to everyone, instead, we help you generate the content with your own style
for example: Social media, day 10: tell people a short story about something you really like doing that makes you feel special or that makes sense only to you....etc.

Do you offer 1:1 personal support for this product?

Sure! shoot e an email with your questions at

Can I use this for my paying clients?

You cannot use this for your clients, this is for personal use only

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

Your satisfaction matters the most to me! send me an email at and tell me what is it that you do not like and I will see how I can improve the product and make sure you are %100 satisfied with your purchase.

Do you offer refunds for this product?

Due to the nature of my digital products, there are no refunds available and all sales are final

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